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New CEO for the aviation industry - Nimrod Shafer

The board of directors, led by the chairman Harel Luker, chose the company's VP of strategy and R&D, Major General (res.) Nimrod Shafer as CEO

Ron Shaffer, CEO of the Aerospace Industry. PR photo
Ron Shafer, CEO of the Aerospace Industry. PR photo

The Aerospace Industry Board of Directors, led by Chairman Harel Loker, on Thursday unanimously approved the recommendation of the search committee to appoint the company's Vice President of Strategy and R&D Major General (res.) Nimrod Shafer as CEO. Shafer will replace Yossi Weiss, who ends his position as CEO of the company upon reaching retirement age. The appointment will now be approved by the Government Companies Authority and the Ministers of Defense and Finance.

For the first time, a manager who did not grow up in the company, and who comes from the field of management and military command at its highest ranks, is appointed to the position of CEO of the Aerospace Industry. Shafer retired from the IDF about two years ago after a long career, when in his last position he served as head of the planning division at the General Staff. As part of his role, he was in charge of planning and managing the IDF's work plans, including the design of long-term strategic processes and the management of the army's resources. Among other things, Shafer led the management and determination of the defense budget in front of the government, the IDF's efficiency processes, the renewal and technological development projects and the army's foreign relations system. In his previous positions, Shafer served as deputy commander of the Air Force and as head of the Air Wing. He is a fighter pilot by training, has a bachelor's degree in geophysics from Tel Aviv University, and a master's degree in administration and public policy from Harvard University.

Harel Locker, Chairman of the Aerospace Industry: "The Aerospace Industry has to face many significant challenges in the coming years. Among other things, it must build a valid strategy for the technological and security reality that is currently changing at an enormous speed, develop new products and penetrate new markets. Also, systematic, measurable and thorough management must be established in the company and the organizational DNA of the company must be changed. Above all, the relationship with the security system, which is the basis for all the company's activities in Israel and abroad, must be deepened and strengthened. Nimrod is the right man for these challenges. He grew up in an unparalleled quality organization, with excellent management and leadership norms for complex organizations. He reached the top of the organization and went on to the most senior strategic management position in the IDF. Nimrod also has a deep familiarity with the needs of the aerospace industry's customers in Israel and around the world. I am sure that under his management the aerospace industry will grow, and will be updated and adapted to the challenges of the future. On this occasion, I would like to thank Yossi Weiss from the bottom of my heart for a period of six fruitful, complex and stormy years leading the aerospace industry. Yossi leaves a company with the largest order backlog in its history, about NIS 40 billion, and a series of noteworthy technological and business achievements, for which we deeply appreciate."

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