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A reply to the e-mail circulating on the net about the apparently secret experiments of the late Ramon

The terrible storm, which was the first of its kind in the Middle East and Cyprus, almost destroyed the Cypriot port city of Limassol, leaving behind tremendous damage and surprised residents...

   The following letter came to me by email from several sources during the day, and was also posted on the forum the free choice

On January 31, 2003 at 1200 noon, a "tremendous tornado" attacked the neighboring island of "Cyprus"
The newspapers and the main media in Israel who were in contact with officials in the metrology branch, the IDF, the Air Force, and Beit Dagan and were interested in the cause of the "rare phenomenon" of a tornado of enormous dimensions in the Mediterranean Sea, were told that the IDF and the officials have no information about the beam in Cyprus or Limassol .”

The terrible storm, which was the first of its kind in the Middle East and Cyprus, almost destroyed the Cypriot port city "Limsol", leaving behind tremendous damage and surprised residents.
At the same time, hundreds of air force and metrology personnel were sitting at the "Houston Space Center" at the Air Force Headquarters somewhere in Tel Aviv, and on the Columbia space shuttle - 107, celebrating the success of the "experiment" of the Israeli Air Force and the NASA Space Center
whose topic was: "creating an artificial tornado with the help of dust storms" after 14 days of flight in space, during the passage of the shuttle Columbia, over the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea basin opposite Israel, the last stage was activated, in a tremendous experiment of means and technology, in which dozens of Israeli Air Force pilots participated , and the US Army.

The cover for the experiment was "joint training, of foreign air forces and the Israeli Air Force in the region." Each of the heavy aircraft that flew was assigned a role in the experiment to create the "first artificial tornado". When the entire experiment was supervised "from the Space Shuttle Columbia" on behalf of the Israeli Air Force Major General Ilan Ramon.

This ended 4 and a half years of joint research and experiments, increasing until the peak moment when the "creation of the tornado" was carried out. The "cover" for the experiment, which is revolutionary in terms of its consequences, was the effect of the "dust system in the air" on the creation of rain. The assumption made by senior Israeli scientists was that it can be produced using dust that comes from Africa, and "various additives" that are injected into the air from aircraft "at different heights", a hurricane or a tornado.

The simple principle that the scientists followed was the "extraction and maximization of the energy" in the transition "from the channel to the barometric outlet" and the acceleration and maximization of the process, with computer technologies, "and chemical additives" that allow the process to be accelerated and "help the wind to blow"

In fact, the tremendous success of the experiment caused a side effect which is expressed in "huge amounts of rain" that have been falling throughout Israel for about two weeks, from the start of the experiment until its culmination on January 31, 2003 in the "fatal tornado" that hit the Cypriot port city of Limassol.

The main reason that the tornado did not stay in the middle of the sea, in front of Israel's territorial waters, but fled north to Cyprus, was a sharp change in the wind regime that dragged it to an unexpected destination, and this is a major lesson that was learned. It is permissible to explain the meaning of the possibility to "produce a tornado to order" or aim at a place, or a selected target, and activate it over a certain city, or a certain area. This "effect" can be used for blessed purposes, of transporting water to arid areas, or bringing down huge amounts of rain, according to demand, and according to place, and it can be used for "military uses" and to create "total chaos" in a given area, and for a given time. Everyone will choose the use. In the last week, the Kinneret rose almost "by a meter".
The response of the science site

I would take what is written there with much more than a grain of salt. The fact that there is finally a rainy year after 5 years of drought should not surprise anyone, especially when there is an El Niño this year.
You certainly don't need to find conspiracy theories for this. Of course it is exaggerated to link what Ilan Ramon did to the tornado in Cyprus.
The late Ilan Ramon also didn't do anything, but only looked, and on the contrary, rain was not good for him. He was supposed to photograph dust. Is it possible to treat the Israel Defense Forces, the Mossad, the Shin Bet and all of them but change the weather?

Avi Blizovsky, editor of the knowledge site

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  1. change weather? If humans had such technologies, why until now no one knows about it (and I don't mean the email that who knows who wrote it).

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