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Artificial intelligence and algorithms have the ability and are currently being used to exacerbate radicalisation, increase polarisation, and spread racism and political instability, according to an academic researcher from Lancaster University.
Researchers have developed algorithms based on game theory, through which robotic systems such as drones or autonomous cars can make informed decisions and operate efficiently
Researchers have developed a control algorithm that helps robots walk on smooth surfaces
The error rate of the existing biopsy tests is 30%. Mistakes that are fatal because the test turns up clay but the cancer exists and continues to spread. Good imaging can improve accuracy
The recruitment will support the company's growth in light of the growing demand for ElliQ - the home robot that helps alleviate loneliness for the third and fourth year olds, and will assist in accelerated investment in conversation capabilities that include integration with Generative
Researchers have developed geometric algorithms that can make groups of robots operate together in dense environments without bumping into each other and other obstacles
A wearable system allows a robotic arm to recognize the user's intent, mainly based on his hand movements, and assist him according to his needs
Engineers from the University of Arizona have developed a system that allows autonomous vehicles to scan underground habitats for astronauts
This problem in artificial intelligence is also called "belief space planning". Solving this problem, i.e. calculating the set of optimal actions to achieve the goal, requires an estimate of the potential actions under a reward function
The researchers explain that underwater, many insects use tiny bristles that allow them to trap and stabilize water-repellent air bubbles that cover their bodies. When these weeks come in contact with surfaces, they form bridges
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