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A pro-Israel outreach project based on artificial intelligence

The project developed by students and graduates of Bar-Ilan University analyzes anti-Israeli propaganda films and creates a response video to them on social networks

Israeli advocacy with the help of artificial intelligence. Photo: Bar Ilan University Spokesperson
Israeli advocacy with the help of artificial intelligence. Photo: Bar Ilan University Spokesperson

Since October 7, a propaganda battle has been going on around the world between Israel's supporters and its opponents. Sophomore and Bar-Ilan graduates joined the effort and developed an AI-based venture under the name FreeTruth. The unique project is designed to encourage Israel fans to join the informational struggle, with minimal effort.

The project was developed by Rom Golan, 27 years old, a student in the Department of History and Philosophy, Yariv Gabriel, 26 years old from Givat Shmuel, who has a bachelor's degree in computer science and currently serves in the reserves in the Air Force and works as a developer at the Israeli start-up company env0, and Gal Levy, 26 years old, who graduated this year Bachelor's degree in computational biology and works at Playtika.

The three were joined by other employees from the env0 company, who joined the important project. "Like many Israelis, we were alarmed by the diligent propaganda failure during the war," say the developers, "we realized that the failure was largely due to our distinct numerical inferiority. Our lack of presence on social media turns the stage to anti-Israel influencers, who spread blatant fake news, anti-Semitic ideology and particularly delusional narratives."

The three chose to act in order to demonize anti-Israeli videos that are being distributed online. "Convincing TikTok users to support an unpopular opinion is quite a difficult task. It is much easier to challenge, to arouse initial doubt in them", they explained, "we discovered that it is very easy to disprove facts and undermine the viewer's perception of reality, even if not to convince them. What is called - getting a foot in the door."

The tool developed by the three uses AI to analyze anti-Israel videos, extract from them the subject in question, and within a minute or two automatically produce a counter video, which will contain an appropriate response, presented by a virtual character named "Freya".

"For each of their videos, we are able to create dozens and hundreds of different counter-videos, and in fact significantly reduce the numerical gap", they say. At this stage, the videos are produced in English - and now the three aim to expand the project to other languages. "We work hard and volunteer every day to continue developing the idea. We believe that this is an equality-breaking tool and want as many people as possible to produce reaction videos through us", they say, "The ambition is that Freya's artificial character will break the network, and that in the near future she will speak not only in English, but also in Spanish, French, Chinese and even Arabic, To reveal the truth around the world."