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The Canadian researchers argue that generative artificial intelligence - including large language models such as chatGPT - and social networks can divert attention from pressing global issues, foster feelings of lack
The artificial intelligence follows employees, ostensibly to make sure they do a good job. Should employers be allowed to track their employees using artificial intelligence?
The intestine is a very dynamic organ that is constantly changing structurally, mechanically and chemically, and the intestinal bacteria are required to cope with this dynamism. One of the qualities that may help them in this is plasticity - the ability
Fourth-year students in the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev decided to produce an up-to-date answer to the ancient writings and under the guidance of Prof. Mark Lest, developed an artificial intelligence system that completes the missing sections in the texts
Artificial intelligence that generates images trains on artists' works without their consent, and also imitates their style. A group of researchers and artists decided to fight against the phenomenon with sophisticated digital tools
Am; Lek: You should read this record. It may win you a lot of money (up to 30,000 dollars), and along the way also help humanity in general, and Israel and the Jews in particular.
Abel Cruz was only a child when he first realized that he could use banana leaves to save him an entire hour of work every day.
According to the researchers, the dolphins communicate in a different way and change their vocal behavior when they encounter the noise of a ship and therefore they are definitely affected by the noise of the ships. Past studies have already shown that a change in vocal behavior
A new study, led by the UK's University of Bath, has found that supermassive black holes need both merging galaxies and cold gas to grow. This discovery, obtained through machine learning, may change our understanding of
The far-reaching AI legislation is the latest example of the EU's role as a global digital policy-setter.
This is according to the Dark Energy Survey Partnership, of which University College London is a founding member, hosts the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in the United States and includes more than 400 scientists from 25 institutions in 7 countries
Researchers in Germany have developed an artificial intelligence capable of postulating physical theories by identifying patterns in complex data sets and after being fed all known physics
Sam Altman personally invested 375 million dollars in a company called Helion that is trying to develop a nuclear fusion reactor. So far this mission has not succeeded, but now artificial intelligence may improve the planning,
OurCrowd, Israel's most active investor in the field of artificial intelligence, has invested $386 million in 81 AI companies around the world. The fund has so far achieved 8 exits in the field and is ranked among the 15 capital funds
Dr. Lonnie Johnson, an inventor who registered over 100 patents and developed a solid-state battery based on them, describes human evolution as an interactive process between biology and technology, in which each influences and is influenced by its own
Researchers from Ben Gurion University have developed an artificial intelligence model that predicts the embryo's chances of rooting, based on information from fetal siblings from the same treatment cycle
Rai Kodan wrote the book that won the award with the help of artificial intelligence that gave her complete sentences - which the author inserted in the book in its entirety. She estimated that about five percent of the entire text in the book consisted of sentences
Let's start with the short and unsurprising summary: researchers trained artificial intelligence to act maliciously - and it did act maliciously. Apparently, the story ends here. But the devil is in the details
New research reveals: specific work experience affects the effectiveness of using artificial intelligence in the workplace
Research led by the University of Queensland has found that humans can tell if chickens are excited or disappointed, simply by the sound of their clucking
Researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany are investigating how the internal engines of machine learning applications in drug research work. Among other things, they discovered that the artificial intelligence systems have become quite lazy
Artificial intelligence and algorithms have the ability and are currently being used to exacerbate radicalisation, increase polarisation, and spread racism and political instability, according to an academic researcher from Lancaster University.
The project developed by students and graduates of Bar-Ilan University analyzes anti-Israeli propaganda films and creates a response video to them on social networks
The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology and the Consulting and Legislation Department (Economic Law) at the Ministry of Justice publish a policy document on regulation and ethics in the field of artificial intelligence, which guides government ministries in their activities; A government knowledge center will be established for the benefit of the issue
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