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Artificial intelligence seeks to solve the dark energy problem

This is according to the Dark Energy Survey Partnership, of which University College London is a founding member, hosts the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in the United States and includes more than 400 scientists from 25 institutions in 7 countries

The map of matter in the universe derived from a simulation. Credit: Niall Jeffrey et al
The map of matter in the universe derived from a simulation. Credit: Niall Jeffrey et al

A research team led by researchers from University College London UCL has used artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to infer the influence and properties of dark energy more precisely from a map of dark matter seen in the universe covering the last seven billion years. The study, conducted in collaboration with the Dark Energy Survey, doubled the accuracy with which the map can infer key features of the universe, including the overall density of dark energy.

This increased precision allows researchers to rule out models of the universe that might have been conceivable in the past.

In deep space, beyond the rotating galaxies and the sparkling stars, there is an undiscovered force accelerating the universe - dark energy. Although it makes up most of the energy in the universe, its nature remains a mystery. Now, researchers from UCL bring new evidence that helps discover the forces behind dark energy, with the help of advanced artificial intelligence tools.

Dark energy is the mysterious force that accelerates the expansion of the universe and is thought to make up 70% of the universe's contents (with dark matter, an invisible substance whose gravity pulls galaxies together, making up 25%, and ordinary matter only 5%).

The findings indicate that the matter in the universe is more smoothly distributed - less lumpy - than Einstein's theory of general relativity would have predicted. However, the discrepancy is less significant in this study compared to the previous analysis, as the error ranges were larger.

The dark energy survey map was obtained using a method called weak gravitational warping - that is, seeing how light from distant galaxies was bent by the gravity of intervening matter on its way to Earth.

The collaboration analyzed distortions in the shapes of 100 million galaxies to infer the distribution of all matter, both dark and visible, in the foreground of those galaxies. The resulting map covered a quarter of the sky in the southern hemisphere.

The next phase of research will significantly increase the amount of data we have about the large structures of the universe, which will help researchers determine whether the unexpected smoothness of the universe is a sign that current cosmological models are wrong, or if there is another explanation for it.

At the moment, this continuity contradicts what was predicted based on analysis of the Cosmic Microwave Radiation (CMB) - the light left over from the Big Bang.

The Dark Energy Survey Collaboration, of which University College London is a founding member, is hosted by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in the United States and includes more than 400 scientists from 25 institutions in 7 countries.

Lead author Dr Niall Jeffery (UCL Physics & Astronomy) said: “To study computer simulated locations using AI, we increased the accuracy of our estimates of key features of the universe by a factor of two.

"To achieve this improvement without these innovative techniques, we would have needed four times the amount of data. This will be equivalent to mapping another 300 million galaxies."

Dr Lauren Whiteway (UCL Physics & Astronomy) said: "Our findings are consistent with the current best prediction of dark energy as a 'cosmological constant' whose value does not vary in space or time. However, they also allow flexibility for another explanation to be true. For example, it could still be that our theory of gravity is wrong."

The collaboration cataloged hundreds of millions of galaxies, using photographs of the night sky taken by the 570-megapixel Dark Energy Camera, one of the most powerful digital cameras in the world, over a period of 6 years (from 2013 to 2019). The camera, whose optical stabilizer was built at University College London, is mounted on a telescope at the Cerro Tulolo Inter-American Observatory in Chile.

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  1. It is possible to correct "there is an undiscovered power" there is an unnecessary T there
    It is also possible to write "the collaboration analyzed distortions" instead of the collaboration analyzed distortions.
    Thank you and sorry.

  2. Be sad, maybe you will finally fly away and set us free? This is a scientific blog, not a site for frustrated mental patients.

    In my opinion, my father should charge you like a psychologist charges patients for the time you waste, and certainly for the advertising you do for your rambling book.

  3. I will reveal my secrets to you:
    "Artificial intelligence" is software with parameter databases, narrow and abstract categories, which operates using, the basis of which is limited and predictable, will never discover a breakthrough.
    Today we use artificial intelligence to overcome the limitations of the human brain, which is response time, and constant multiple memory and access to information at any given moment... software that thinks inside the box, is ineffective!

    'Imagination is more important than knowledge' said Albert Einstein.
    In order to reach a breakthrough, you have to think outside the box, and find points that don't exist and try to connect them.

    Software works on nc/no logic, a place where there is no balance will never find an answer on a balanced universe, software is two dimensional.

    Only when they build artificial intelligence on quantum computing, only then will very little begin to discover more about how to discover the secrets

  4. "Dark energy is the mysterious force...etc". Please be precise: energy and power are two different physical essences..

  5. Peace to my father

    If you decide to block me, I will understand.
    If you leave all my comments "in the archive a. Be sad" I will be satisfied. Very much.
    A day will come, and you will be very pleased with the freedom of expression you granted me.

    Thank you
    A. Asbar

  6. You must proofread. and block the troll nerve. Exhausting to go through so many comments 4! Comments.

    He responds to the same nonsense that has nothing to do with the articles and does not come to be on this site

  7. The concept of Newtonian matter and gravity have finished their role, and it is time for passive time and energy to introduce a new physics.

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    The new physics has a new geometry, of closed circular lines.

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    A. Asbar

  8. 400 people with natural knowledge turn to a machine and ask it to save us.
    These are the physicists who study the universe, and they are looking for a new universe, and a new physics,

    They failed to find new physics, so they turned to a machine that would find it for them.
    But they don't know that a machine is not capable of inventing new physics.
    A machine is not capable of inventing the absolutely new, which arises only from itself.
    A machine is able to copy what is there, and it even has an amazing name "artificial intelligence"

    Only the person with natural knowledge can discover the absolutely new, to which there is no logical way.
    Every person is endowed with a natural knowledge of a person.
    Every living being has a natural knowledge of it.
    A tiger has the natural knowledge of a tiger, and the ant has the natural knowledge of an ant.
    Not only the physicists were stuck in understanding the universe, the geometricians were also stuck in understanding the circles.
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  9. The 400 scientists studying dark energy and dark matter are captive to Newton's concept that matter has gravity, and a lot of matter has a lot of gravity.
    They are also captive to the concept that matter is made up of tiny particles of nothingness. (absolutely nothing)
    The study of physics is in a deep crisis, and the scientists don't know it.
    The scientists do not know that matter is as it appears in reality, continuous and not particulate.
    And the main thing they don't know is that matter is not a quantitative concept at all, but is a physical form.
    Gold, clay, carbon are physical forms, and there is an amazing similarity between the perception of physical forms, and the perception of geometric forms.
    Physics and geometry are before a big bang, but the scientists of today, will not bring that bang, because they will have to say we were wrong, we were wrong, we were wrong for 100 years.

    "Esbar's Magic Journey on the Wings of Natural Knowledge" is a groundbreaking book that offers new geometry, new physics, and a new perception of reality, but it has no demand.

    A. Asbar

  10. There is no need for 400 scientists to investigate what is hidden behind the pair of words, dark energy.
    Dark energy is supposed to be the name of a physical thing, and it has never been proven that there is such a thing.
    The scientists claim that "there is" dark energy, and they have never proved it.
    A "there is" claim requires proof, but the scientists did not provide it.
    And on the other hand
    A claim of the "no" type cancels what the scientists said.:
    The claim says there is "no" physical thing called dark energy.
    A claim of the "no" type must be accepted as true immediately upon its appearance,
    But she is a candidate for refutation at any moment..

    Here is a list of claims of the "no" type that must be accepted as true as soon as they appear

    There are "no" two circles in the world (that differ in size) and they have the same number of pi.

    There are "no" in the world 3 numbers A B C that satisfy the equation
    Aaa + babb = ggg

    There are "no" mathematical constants in the world.

    There is no star in the world that has the shape of a cube.

    A claim of the "no" type is immediately accepted as true, until it is disproved.
    It is not possible to prove a claim of the "no" type, and you have to immediately accept it as a true claim, but it is a candidate for refutation.
    If a photograph of a cube-shaped star is obtained, then the said claim has been disproved.

    Dark energy,,,,,,dark matter…..gravity…..are meaningless words that belong to literature and not physics.
    A. Asbar

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