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For the first time: a woman Dean at the head of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering at the Technion

Prof. Daniela Reva, a graduate of the faculty, took office on January 1, 2024

Prof. Daniela Reva. Photo credit: Chen Galili, Technion Spokesperson
Prof. Daniela Reva. Photo credit: Chen Galili, Technion Spokesperson

Prof. Daniela Reva  On January 1, she became the first dean in the history of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering at the Technion. Prof. Reva, a graduate of the faculty, completed her studies at the faculty with honors, completed her master's degree and doctorate there, and later, as a faculty member at the faculty, established her position as a leading researcher in the field of aeroelasticity and as a popular lecturer among the faculty's students. Prof. Reva deals with aeroelasticity - the interface between aerodynamic forces and flexible structures. Today lighter and more flexible aircraft are produced in the world, therefore a thorough understanding of their behavior in flight is required. Prof. Reva's research group built an unmanned aerial vehicle to test the related aspects in experiments.

As dean, Prof. Reva is responsible for the implementation of the faculty's academic programs, for fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and research, and for maintaining excellence in research and teaching, while striving to improve the faculty's reputation and achievements. Her unique perspective as a graduate will support the faculty's constant effort to provide students and researchers with an optimal environment for study and research. Prof. Reva's appointment is evidence of the Technion's commitment to nurture and develop talents in its ranks. The path she took in the faculty expresses the faculty's constant pursuit of training outstanding graduates who make a significant contribution to aviation and space sciences.

"I am proud to take up the position of dean in the faculty where I grew up as a student, and after many years of research and teaching," said Prof. Reva. I am excited to contribute to the growth and success of the faculty and look forward to working with the faculty, academic, technical and administrative staff, and with the students to continue the momentum of the faculty's achievements and drive innovation in aerospace engineering. As an aeronautical engineer, I am blessed to be able to deal with fascinating topics every day. Aeronautics and space engineering is a field suitable for both men and women, and every good engineer who graduates from the faculty is guaranteed a fascinating job in the field."

Technion President Prof. Uri Sion
 He congratulated Prof. Reva and said: "The Faculty of Aeronautics and Space is the first to be built on the Technion campus in Neve Shanan and the only one in Israel that trains engineers in these fields. The Technion has been changing its face in recent decades, and thanks to extensive efforts over decades, the percentage of female undergraduate students is steadily increasing and this year reached about half of all new students. I am very proud that the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering is now headed by a dean who will be an inspiration and a role model for young women."

Prof. Tal Shamai, outgoing dean of the faculty
, expressed his satisfaction with Prof. Reva's appointment and noted: "I had the honor of serving for four years as the Dean of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering. It was a very challenging and active period, and I am hopeful that we managed to secure the future of the faculty for future generations. As a graduate of this faculty, it was a special privilege to work with our excellent academic, technical and administrative faculty members in the education and training of our future generation, to expand the boundaries of knowledge in the field and to contribute to the State of Israel and its security. I thank the management of the Technion and especially the president Prof. Uri Sion for their strong support for us. I am confident that Prof. Reva, as the dean of the faculty, will lead the faculty well and march us to new heights."

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