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The Technion

Prof. Michael Glickman and Prof. Jackie Schiller from the Technion won ERC Advanced grants - prestigious grants on behalf of the European Union's Horizon Europe program given to veteran researchers with unprecedented achievements in research in a decade
The late Krukhamlov-Wexler, was supposed to start his studies this year at the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering and who was killed in battle in the Gaza Strip
Prof. Zak, a survivor of the Vilna ghetto led scientific breakthroughs and two phenomena in physics are named after him. He was a student of Prof. Natan Rosen, Albert Einstein's research partner. Prof. Zak spent the
Prof. Daniela Reva, a graduate of the faculty, took office on January 1, 2024
The grant is intended to prove the programming and promote the translation of academic research into application and commercialization, including the establishment of the start-up company
Researchers at the Technion have engineered a material that may replace silicon in the world of electronics in the future; Through the stretching of the material at the atomic level, they gain control over the material's conduction and insulation properties, thus progressing towards turning it into a switch
The Board of Trustees of the Technion approved the extension of Prof. Sion's term for four more years
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