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A test was completed in Alaska: Arrow 3 missiles intercepted several targets outside the atmosphere

The experiment was designed to simulate a complex threat. This was reported by the "Wall" administration at MPA and the American Missile Defense Agency (MDA) * Moshe Fatal, head of the Wall Administration, said in a press briefing that no space debris was created, only dust

The arrow missile hitting a target in space in an experiment that took place in Alaska. Photo: Courtesy of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Defense
The arrow missile hitting a target in space in an experiment that took place in Alaska. Photo: Courtesy of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Defense

The 'Wall' directorate at MPAAT (the Administration for Research, Military Development and Technological Infrastructure) in the Ministry of Defense, together with the American Missile Defense Agency (MDA) completed yesterday (28.7.19), in Alaska, in the USA, a series of successful tests of the weapon system. Arrow 3″. The series was carried out under the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry (MAIL). The Israeli Air Force and most of the defense industries took part in the experiment, fully led by the Aerospace Industry and in cooperation with the Rafael Elbit and Tomer companies, and it took place on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

The main contractor for the development of the "Arrow" weapon system and interceptors is the Aerospace Industry. Elishra company from Elbit Systems developed the shooting management system. Boeing Boeing), 'Tomer' and 'Raphael' are main subcontractors for the development and production of the "Hats 3" interceptor. The Rafael company is responsible for developing the target missile from the Anchor family and other parts of the weapon system.

The complex operation to transport the "Hatz 3" system to Alaska is the responsibility of the unit in charge of transportation in the Procurement Administration (Manhar) of the Ministry of Defense and the Commissioner of Security in the Defense System (MLMB), with the assistance of the procurement delegation of the MoSHABT in New York (Mishn ).

The "Arrow" weapon system is a central component of the multi-layered defense system, the development of which is led by the Ministry of Defense through the "Wall" administration in the Mapat. The multi-layered defense system is based on four operational defense layers: the "Iron Dome" system, the "Magic Wand" system, the "Arrow 2" and "Arrow 3" systems. The success of the series of experiments is an important milestone in the operational ability of the State of Israel to defend itself against existing and future threats in the arena.

The "Arrow 3" weapon system is designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere. The series of experiments successfully demonstrated the ability to intercept (hit-to-kill) targets at high altitudes outside the atmosphere. During the series, an American AN\TPY2 radar was used, and operational connectivity between the systems was successfully demonstrated and proven. The reason for holding the experiment in Alaska - an examination of the capabilities of the system which cannot be carried out in Israel.

Moshe Fatal, head of the "Wall" Directorate at the Ministry of Defense: "More than 10 years of development and challenges have brought us to this moment, when the "Hats 3" weapon system is conducting a series of tests, during which the "Hats 3" interceptor completes a full interception of target missile This is an unusual operational and technological achievement for the State of Israel, which involves thousands of workers, officers and engineers in the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Industries, the Israeli Air Force and our partners in the USA. The fact that the test took place in Alaska, tens of thousands of km from the State of Israel, is another unprecedented achievement that testifies to the maturity of the "Arrow 3" system to successfully face any threat. This is a joint, impressive and unique activity of the US and Israeli governments, which emphasizes the close and strategic cooperation between the countries in the field of missile defense."

In a conference call with journalists, Fatal said: "This is three years of work from the day we realized that we have difficulty holding an experiment in Israel because of safety issues. We went to the US Congress to ask for assistance to finance this event and with very great support from both Congress and the administration, we got the budget, we did a feasibility study, we did all the preparations in Israel, including the last successful test of the arrow on January 3, 2019, to get here and for 11 weeks From the moment we arrived until the final of the last 10 days, where we were able to hold three such complex experiments. "

In response to the question which radar did the Americans operate and was the target missile launched by an Air Force plane or from the ground? Did the target missile resemble a missile with diverging arrowheads, Fatal answered: "It is an American ground-based radar." It is deployed not only in the US but also around the world and it served us with full connectivity. This is the first time that such an interception experiment has been carried out here. This radar will serve Israel even when attacked. This is a radar that should also serve us when needed. The target missile was launched from an Air Force plane and I want to emphasize the beautiful work that the Air Force personnel did to support this test, as they help us with tests in Israel, the target missile was launched by our team from our plane and a target from our anchor family. He simulated Rashek in accordance with the developing threat in the State of Israel. Of course it is impossible to expand beyond that. We also don't want our enemies to know exactly what we did these experiments against, but he certainly simulated the future threats to the State of Israel."

Launch of an Arrow 3 missile during a test that took place in Alaska. Photo: Courtesy of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Defense
Launch of an Arrow 3 missile during a test that took place in Alaska. Photo: Courtesy of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Defense

Q: What was the range and height?

Fatal: "The longest heights ever measured in the Arrow system. The experiment was in Alaska on Kodiak Island at an experiment site that is used for launching satellites and the like and we conducted the experiment at this site."

Q: How much did the system and development cost?

Fatal: "We are not talking about prices and costs. To our great joy, since the end of the 80s, the American government has supported us with a generous hand, in all the development, in all the production of the Arrow weapon system. As he also does with a magic wand and as he helps us a lot in the production of an iron dome. We are deeply grateful to the US government. We try not to talk about prices and costs."

Q: Can we refer to the latest series of tests by the Iranians, does it affect the Arrow 3?
Fatal: "We are several steps ahead of them. We are checking the system regarding their future plans."

Q: Does the height of the interceptions allow for a second and third strike?

Fatal: "Arrow 3 makes it possible after the first shot to test ourselves and have time to launch another layer of Arrow 3 or Arrow 2, or lower layers. The big advantage is that you intercept very, very high and far, you have enough time to take out another layer and another interceptor and increase the chances of actually hitting."

Moshe Fatal, Ambassador Ron Dermer, Head of the Wall Directorate at the Israel Defense Forces in Israel, Erin Davis, Head of the Joint Missile Defense Program for the US and Israel, Dr. Daniel Gold, the head of Israel Defense Forces, and the IDF attaché in the US, Major Miki Edelstein. Photo: Courtesy of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Defense
Moshe Fatal, Ambassador Ron Dermer, Head of the Wall Directorate at the Israel Defense Forces, Erin Davis, Head of the Joint Missile Defense Program for the US and Israel, Dr. Daniel Gold, IDF Attaché in the USA, Major Mickey Edelstein. Photo: Courtesy of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Defense

Boaz Levy, Vice President of IAI, Director of Systems, Missiles and Space Division: "IAI is proud to lead the development of the "Hats 3" weapon system for the security of the State of Israel, together with the entire defense industry in Israel, the Ministry of Defense, the IDF and partners in the United States . After a long preparation period, we successfully completed a series of the most complex experiments that the State of Israel has ever conducted outside its borders, far from our home, in Alaska we carried out a very successful multi-system interception experiment, while overcoming many engineering challenges."

Levy also participated in the press briefing and added: "The preparation process for such a complex test takes a very long time and we met it according to our plan that is shared with the Americans, we met every goal of it, when the people of the aerospace industry and the other industries came here, built the facilities, assembled the missiles here , prepared the systems for the experiment itself. At the moment of the experiment in the command room that was built especially for this experiment, you could cut the air with a real knife, each of the participants in the experiment knew his place, both the operational operators, the engineers who accompanied this experiment and the system engineers and project leaders. Everyone stood ready for the task. The missile took off, flew towards the target, acquired it with the help of its independent sensors and destroyed it iron by iron. Today we are very proud to stand behind the series of experiments and say: we have brought another layer of protection to the State of Israel that is tested and proven, a layer of protection that allows the residents of the State of Israel to sleep peacefully at night. This layer joins 3 other layers, also arrow 2, both magic wand and iron dome. Together, this gives the proper protection to the residents of the State of Israel."

Q: What is the difference between this experiment and the previous one that was also successful in "Arrow 3"?
The Aerospace Industry presents a variety of solutions as the technological and operational response to the ballistic threats against the State of Israel
Levy: We do experiments with the Arrow system, with each experiment testing more and more capabilities. In the previous experiment we tested the system's ability to work in a uniform configuration, including our Israeli radar. In this experiment we tested more complex scenarios, we tested processes that can only be done outside the atmosphere at high altitude, without safety limits outside the atmosphere. And we used the connectivity mode of the system and connected and received data from the American radar indicated by the head of the Wall Directorate. The processes are fully operational, the system was in its operational configuration, fully operating according to the operational processes.

According to Levy, the system knows how to deal with a very large number of threats, discover, track, identify, classify and decide who they are. There is a classification of them, the construction of a defense plan, each interception receives the point where we want to intercept and at the appropriate moment an interceptor goes out to it, everyone flies towards the target and intercepts it.

Admiral John Hale, head of the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA): "This successful series of tests is a significant milestone in the development of the Arrow weapon system. The unique success in Alaska demonstrates confidence in Israel's future abilities to defeat the emerging threats in the arena. My greetings to the "Wall" administration, our American MDA team and our industrial partners. We are committed to helping the State of Israel upgrade its national capabilities, in defense against missiles, in order to protect itself and the American forces deployed in the region, from the increasing threats."

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