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As part of the Teva-Biz project shared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Society for the Protection of Nature, a nature survey was conducted for the first time in Naot Smadar where the new dragonfly was discovered
Anticipation for the total solar eclipse is building, promising a wider path, longer totality and increased solar activity compared to the previous eclipse in 2017, along with expanded scientific research efforts
The ecological environment was discovered as part of a nature survey conducted by the Society for the Protection of Nature for the Municipality of Modi'in Maccabim Re'ot and financed and accompanied by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
The ADRAS-J mission, which was launched into space to locate a piece of a defunct satellite 11 meters long and weighing 3 tons, will set new standards in the field of arrival and active removal of space debris, as well as in providing service to satellites
Researchers measure the speed and mass of dark matter by studying warped galaxies affected by dynamic friction caused by dark matter
This was announced this week, 31.1.24/XNUMX/XNUMX, at the Rona Ramon space education conference held as part of Israeli Space Week
In 2009, a study day was held at Sapir College about the consequences of continuous exposure to the trauma of terrorism, among citizens in the settlements of Sderot and the Gaza Strip * The findings of Prof. Avi Baser from Sapir College, Prof. Beatrice
The virtual twin experiences support sustainable steel production by companies seeking to optimize work processes and reduce their carbon footprint
The event is a collaboration between Bar-Ilan University and the association of managers of scientific infrastructure units in Israel, a national initiative supported by the Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Science and Technology, which aims to maximize the potential
The system allows the installation of a solar field above shade-sensitive crops - at high density * The development was presented at the international Agri-Voltay Conference SunnySide APV SUMMIT 2023 sponsored by the Miguel Research Institute from Israel and the Fernhofer Institute from Germany
The evolution of airbags began somewhere in the 50s of the last century, and it continues to this day. How have airbags developed throughout history, and how are they expected to increase travel safety
Tabor Electronics is about to finish these days the development of a first server of its kind in the quantum world. Tabor products were used by IBM to build the largest quantum computers to date. The computer will reach milli degrees Clovetin
The Technion team for the iGEM synthetic biology competition that took place at the end of October in Paris: Technology to stop hair loss caused by chemotherapy * Students from Tel Aviv University won a gold medal for a new development that enables planning
Working with 3D models is nothing new. Many industries have adopted the 3D simulation technology, now it seems that the health sector is also discovering how virtual worlds can advance medicine, research
"Like the super heroes' aids, we wanted to give the prosthesis unique abilities, such as a hidden wallet, or a beer opener and even a place for the prosthetic's operating tools... The little practical things can be really cool,
Hopium created a prototype within eight months using Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The Hopium Machina model should go on the road in 2025 and travel a thousand kilometers between refueling and refueling with hydrogen
Switching to an electric car may save thousands of shekels a year, most of us know that. But what are the unique maintenance and care expenses for the electric vehicle - and what is the biggest expense?
The collaboration between PROPELLER DRONES and the Farming Workers' Organization will allow field crop growers in Israel to be at the forefront of international trends in the field of sustainable and precision agriculture.
The 2022 State of Nature Report, Volume Trends and Threats, presents a snapshot of key factors and processes that affect the state of nature in Israel as a result of human activity. The Fabric is the national program for assessing the state of nature in
Such a vaccine can provide a significant advantage, especially in developing countries, in that its administration does not require medical skill, the logistics for its transportation are simpler and cheaper and should even cover a wide range of variants
The club will increase the occupation of engineering students in the fields of space and train them to work in the field
What is it about hyaluronic acid that helps your skin look younger?
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