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The research team hopes that the tools developed in this study will pave the way for the development of similar treatments for other rare diseases
The proverb "There is no joy like the joy of Eid" arouses the curiosity of Moshe who asks "Really?"
Professor Hermona Sorek, one of the world's leading researchers of gene expression in the brain, was able to find, in collaboration with her research colleagues, a molecular mechanism that occurs in the brains of Alzheimer's patients, which does not occur in men and which explains the acceleration of cognitive deterioration in Alzheimer's patients
At the entrance to the club, on the road and in the emergency room, sometimes the right strategy is to direct some of the waiting people to the fast track
The scientists of the institute have identified the cells in the brain that are responsible for the grace periods of the multiple sclerosis patients. The findings may pave the way for new treatments
The first study of its kind in Israel examined the impact of the legal revolution on the mental health of Israeli citizens
Following the oxytocin infusion, men's desire to compete increased more than women's desire to do so
The brain's control of subtle movements is based on complex mechanisms that challenge many researchers from different fields. Research conducted at the Technion sheds light on this issue and may lead to the development of innovative, personalized rehabilitation strategies
New research reveals that a linguistic bias in the English language, which encourages us to "improve" things by adding to them instead of subtracting from them, is so common that it's even been incorporated into artificial intelligence chatbots
A story about a protein that doesn't feel electric voltage
Psychotherapy in which the therapist also offers interpretations of behavior is more helpful in reducing depression among patients who have difficulty managing relationships
It turns out that when people are sad, they choose more actions that cause pleasure, and when they feel shame, they choose more actions that cause pride
Researchers at the Hebrew University and the University of Kentucky believe that a specific type of protein, which has not been studied before, substantially increases the molecular complexity in the brain and improves its function. "Such a discovery may have implications for the study of neurological diseases such as schizophrenia, epilepsy and autism"
Prof. Schwartz challenged the convention that nerve cells do not regenerate or recover, and discovered that the immune system also takes care of them. She also studied the blood-brain barrier and discovered that it prevents the cells of the immune system from helping in cases of brain damage such as Alzheimer's
An international research group led by scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev discovered among a species of crabs a mechanism that produces a unique eye shine that reflects light in a color adapted to the color of the water in their natural environment and thus enables camouflage in different habitats. The research findings were published in the journal Science
The research carried out at Ben Gurion University focused on the VDAC1 protein that controls mitochondrial activity and controls cell life and death
Perceptions of aging by elderly patients affect their health after hospitalization
As part of the study, the Ashona researchers were able to identify proteins whose role is essential for the development and activity of the tissue affected by the disease, to precisely locate their location in genomic regions outside of the genes, and to identify the relationship between the changes in these regions and the risk of developing AMD
Weizmann Institute scientists have discovered that certain fish are born with immunity to stressful situations, which accompanies them throughout their lives and is even inherited. The findings may pave new directions for the treatment of post-trauma
The living brain project of Dassault Systèmes makes it possible to develop treatments for epilepsy patients who do not respond to drugs, says John McCarthy, head of life sciences and health at Dassault Systèmes in an interview with the science website at the CES conference
For the first time in the world of science, a robot was able to "smell" using a biological sensor
The new study contradicts the popular opinion that people with autism are apparently "indifferent to pain"
The institute's scientists created a simulation of the activity of nerve cells in the retina based on eye movements of subjects while trying to identify a whole based on its parts. The recognition of the whole or its non-recognition was characterized by distinct activity patterns in the retina
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