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Elbit Systems unveils IronVision - a smart helmet display system for soldiers in armored combat vehicles * The system will have a 360-degree panoramic view that will allow the teams to see "through the armor", in real time, the battlefield on which the Shov is also projected, even in closed shelves and thus get a situational picture of the battlefield

IronVision helmet that allows tank fighters to see the environment. Elbit PR photo.
IronVision helmet that allows tank fighters to see the environment. Elbit PR photo.

After many years of developing revolutionary technologies in the field of helmets for use by pilots, Elbit Systems announced another development, this time in the field of the land battlefield: IronVision - a helmet display system for use by commanders and drivers of anti-tank weapons fighting in closed racks. The helmet will be displayed at the Eurosatory exhibition that opens today (13/6/2016) in Paris.

The new display system is based on an array of sensors similar to those displayed on Elbit's smart helmets and are used by fighter jet and helicopter pilots of advanced air forces around the world. The IronVision system is equipped with "through the armor" vision technology, and gives its users a picture of the outside world, contributes to environmental orientation and, together with the Shob image, enables the identification and tracking of enemy forces. This ability gives a great advantage especially in multi-armed activity and high intensity combat.

The IronVision helmet presents the user with a 360-degree, high-resolution color image of the world, on top of the visor, in day and night conditions and in all weather conditions. The helmet leverages the vehicle's digital infrastructure through a "world-seeing" connection with the existing IT and alert systems and gives the commander of the vehicle a simple presentation that allows him to make crucial decisions within a fraction of a second and reduces the driver's distractions.

The advanced helmet system collects data from various digital sources, in and around the vehicle, and displays and tracks the subjects of interest, from a single person standing or crawling a few meters away from the vehicle to a moving vehicle that is approximately 150-300 meters away. The helmet allows the user freedom of action and movement, shortens the "seeer-shooter" circle, and all this while protecting and keeping the staff in closed shelves.

Udi Vared, CEO of the Land and ICT Division, said: "We have developed a new helmet display technology that allows APC and tank crews to achieve a high environmental orientation ability in an era of activity that is becoming more and more complex. The high-quality image provided by IronVision will allow the commanders of the forces to make decisions faster, safer and with greater certainty, in a way that will improve the results of the mission activity."

The mirror from Elbit's IronVision helmet. Screenshot
The mirror from Elbit's IronVision helmet. Screenshot


Elbit also presented at the exhibition:
 SupervisIR- An innovative, infrared-based intelligence and terrain control system, easy to operate, works 24/7. Has impressive night capabilities. Responds to many and varied intelligence requirements, such as detection and identification, tracking and image display in the air, at sea and on land.

• Smart Suite - a product family based on an open architecture approach and enabling integration between land platforms, sensors, weapons and various SHOB applications for the continuous flow of information and tactical multimedia over heterogeneous networks. All this while maintaining the best weight-size and strength ratio for its level. In addition, supplementary units provide video, voice and connectivity capabilities to various relay points.

• DS-ISTAR - Elbit Systems will present at the exhibition a holistic intelligence solution that also enables infantry units to collect and analyze intelligence for rapid target detection from the ground, air and sea. The ability is particularly suitable for the operational activity of special forces. The solution gives the decision-makers the ability to process and distribute information collected from various platforms and sensors, including fighter planes, attack helicopters, unmanned aircraft, using a portable computer for the soldier, as well as to choose the appropriate ammunition to carry out the mission.

• Ground radar - Elisra's radar family includes versions for portable radar, for stationary installation and a radar version for vehicles - each of them is useful for internal security tasks, border protection and various military and civilian tasks. As part of the visit, the leaf-penetrating radar will be presented, which detects people and vehicles in a dense thicket of foliage, is resistant to harsh weather conditions and has durability and continuous activity in extreme conditions. At Eurosatory, the MBR radar will be revealed - a portable radar, lightweight, easily deployed and collected, capable of peripheral surveillance and environmental orientation, reliable and not prone to false alarms.

At Eurosatory, Elbit Systems will present more advanced solutions for soldiers and military personnel, intelligence capabilities, security forces, trainers and more. The presented solutions are based on many years of experience of groundbreaking developments adapted to the needs of the customer.

• Among the various displays at the exhibition you can also see the following products: Mark 2 mortar spear with a diameter of 120 mm, which significantly reduces the recoil from a recoil of 30 tons to a recoil of only 10 tons. This reduced recoil allows the installation of the mortar on light vehicles such as Hummers and Jeeps. The Mark 2 spear provides fire capabilities and high mobility to forces in the field.

• PNR 1000 – a radio from the E-Lynx product family that transmits voice and data in an advanced network and even complies with the radio protocol of NATO forces in the spectrum of 225-512 MHz. This system is the lightest on the market and is an important component in various operational concepts such as the future soldier led by Elbit Systems.

• WinBMS - integrated weapon battle management system - a network-based battle management solution that increases connectivity and maneuverability between the various units. The link between all units at the tactical level with the help of continuous information sharing increases the survivability of the force.

• Skylark 3 - a drone that is a unique element in the implementation of the ISTAR intelligence concept, assists in intelligence gathering and reconnaissance for infantry and air defense forces at the platoon, battalion and brigade level. The Skylark 3 has the ability to perform long missions in day and night conditions to collect high-quality and accurate intelligence.

• XACT 32nv- a revolutionary night vision system that is considered the smallest and most compact of its kind. Especially suitable for special forces and law enforcement forces. Sharpens the image and allows a long usage time. The revolutionary image quality of the system gives the user observation capabilities with maximum sharpness. The system can be mounted on a variety of platforms for the convenience of the user.

• Terrestrial Trainers - The exhibition will feature terrestrial trainers that are used to train commanders, soldiers and entire teams simulating scenarios in a variety of platforms and vehicles. These trainers are used by forces around the world and include trainers for tank crews, driving trainers and more.

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  1. The next step will be to seat the team in a safe place outside the tank and be controlled remotely like a drone.

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