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SpaceX first response: the explosion of the Falcon 9 and Amos 6 happened due to an anomaly in the launch pad, and not in the rocket itself

Fortunately, since the incident occurred near the time of a scheduled inspection of the launcher engine, all people in the vicinity were removed and therefore there were no casualties in the incident. A communication space response has not yet been received * In the meantime, it turns out that another company may be affected by the disaster - Facebook, which bought the entire broadband capacity of the Amos 6 satellite for free internet service to the third world

An explosion from SpaceX's Falcon 9 launcher on the launch pad in Florida with the satellite loaded 6. Screenshot from RT
An explosion from SpaceX's Falcon 9 launcher on the launch pad in Florida with the satellite loaded 6. Screenshot from RT

Today, September 1st at nine o'clock in the morning Florida time (16:00 p.m. Israel time) an explosion occurred on the launch pad of the SpaceX company during pre-launch tests, in preparation for the launch that was planned for Saturday, September 3rd. (See previous news)

In SpaceX's initial statement, the company announced: "SpaceX performed a static propulsion test of the Falcon 9 launcher. This test, which is conducted before every SpaceX launch, includes activation of the rocket's first stage engine, while the booster itself remains connected for the launch.

In a message posted on SpaceX's Twitter account Its people said: "SpaceX can confirm that during the preparations for the static test of the engine (that's what the test is called), an anomaly occurred on the launch pad that caused the loss of the launcher and the cargo that was on it (the Amos 6 satellite)." It was also reported that since it was a standard experiment, all the people in the vicinity of the launcher were removed, so there were no casualties."

Losing the deal with Facebook

A response from the Space Communications company that owns the Amos 6 satellite has not yet been received. Earlier this evening, the chairman of the Israel Space Agency, Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel, confirmed in an interview with the website Ha'ad that the Amos 6 satellite was indeed destroyed in an explosion caused by the malfunction.

SpaceX, Communications Space and the Aerospace Industry have been joined by another entity that will probably be forced to look for an alternative satellite. About a year ago, the Amos 6 satellite made headlines when Facebook bought all of its internet bandwidth capacity. This capacity was supposed to be used to provide free basic internet services directly to the people of Africa. The value of the deal, according to media reports, is 100 million dollars.

The agreement signed as part of the initiative in which the social network helps connect millions of people in developing countries to the Internet. The service, renamed Free Basic, will allow residents of 19 countries to access 60 basic Internet services including search and medical information from their mobile phones for free at low bandwidth. Many countries around the third world, and India in particular, opposed the service because it works against the nature of the Internet, and is limited only to the services of Facebook and some of its partners. In Google, for example, subscribers in developing countries will not be able to surf for free.

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  1. You didn't have to answer me. But you really didn't have to. 🙂
    I thought an interesting discussion with a skeptic would develop here, but you ruined everything. abandoned

  2. To - do not understand:

    The word "anomaly" is a common word whose meaning is "fault".
    The question is whether the fault was in the rocket or in the launch well.

    An interesting film (which I downloaded on YouTube at the time) in this context is the failure of the Challenger shuttle launch. Not sure if you can download the movie today because it is a commercial movie and YouTube blocks viewing of popular commercial movies.

    The Challenger disaster was investigated by an external committee (with the participation of the scientist Richard Feynman), can't remember the name of the movie (remembered CHALANGER DISASTER). As I recall, the committee discovered two malfunctions in the launching rocket:

    1. Uncontrolled vibration that may "break or crack the rocket".
    2. Using an improper fuel valve that loses its elasticity at temperatures below freezing.

    The conclusion was that the cause of the Zellanger disaster was 2 (a defective valve), but that does not mean that the 1st fault is not serious. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Type 1 failure that caused the XSPACE disaster. According to watching the launch videos, there was some kind of fuel/oxygen leak about a minute before the final explosion.

  3. The fact that Facebook is in the customer portfolio of Israel Space Company is very interesting. I will not explain details as I may use this information and have no interest in sharing it with others.


    By the way, since this has not yet been published on the science website (this is new from the last few days), I am publishing the following information:

    Satellite photographs around Mars finally revealed the Philae probe that was landed on Mars from the main spacecraft (called Rosetta as I recall). The probe is located in a rock crevice tilted on its side and may be partially buried under a pile of gravel. Additional photographs may be required to clarify the condition of the probe.

    In any case, the latest revelations prove that I was right in the argument I had with "placebo" (I don't remember the exact name), it is a "string" physicist who does not understand human behavior and thinks that humans (including scientists) always behave honestly. I said close to the event that Phila crash landed and failed completely, and it seemed to me that she would not function again. The scientists who sent Philae tried to hide the failure and told us fictions about the partial success of Philae (we were told that she had time to test the ground and sent data to Earth, of course, to this day, no significant findings have been published from the data from the soil excavation sent by Philae before her final silence).

  4. Is there a place to check for deliberate sabotage or maybe they are afraid of upsetting important summits at the top of the US security?...

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