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Odysseus landed on its side instead of landing at a vertical angle, which disrupted communication with Earth. Some of the antennas were blocked by the inverted spacecraft, and those that remained exposed were too close to the ground, leading to patchy communications.
A historic achievement for the United States, which returns to land on the moon for the first time since 1972, and the company Intuitive Machines, which seeks to prove its capabilities and serve as a supplier of equipment transfer to the moon as part of the Artemis program
Technion researchers are partners in the HERA space mission: first attempt in history to divert an asteroid from its orbit
On 19/1/2024, a film titled ISS was released in the US, which describes an international incident that takes place on the space station following a war between blocs. In reality, the astronauts and cosmonauts work together despite the conflict between Russia and the West, but the end of the station is already in sight
The spacecraft failed to reach lunar orbit due to a fuel leak that was discovered immediately upon its ejection from the upper stage of the launcher. Now NASA is helping Astrobotics investigate the malfunction
NASA postpones the Artemis 2 and 3 missions by a year to 2025 and 2026 respectively. The reason: repeated failures. One of them occurred this week - the fuel leak from the lunar lander intended for Peregrine
Curiosity's rear Hazcam recorded the shadow of the rover's rear in a 12-hour continuous view from sunrise to sunset toward the Gale Basin floor
The new year is expected to be full of exciting space missions, from rocket launches and landings to the moon, manned flights around the moon, a new spacecraft to explore Jupiter and a demonstration flight of a new supply spacecraft to the International Space Station
Japanese researchers who examined the soft materials that returned to Earth from the asteroid Ryugo in the Yabusa 2 spacecraft now estimate that the protoplanetary bodies from which the planets and asteroids were formed were richer in carbon than previously thought, and that until now the examination of meteorites that fell on Earth was interpreted as earthly pollution
The first seismological measurements of the Insight were made near the landing of the spacecraft in September 2021. Among the seismic records were also two tremors on the other side of Mars that originated from a meteorite hitting its ground
The space agency says that the industry alone will not be able to move forward and it is required to cooperate with the government and academia. This can help solve bottlenecks that slow down progress in the field
The composition of asteroid Psyche can tell scientists more about Earth's core because the two objects may have a similar structure. Both probably contain platinum, nickel, iron and possibly even gold - materials of commercial interest
On the way there, the spacecraft will receive a gravitational push from Mars. It is expected to reach the orbit around the asteroid in the first stage in June 2029
"These interactions between the Sun's coronal mass ejections and interplanetary dust were theorized twenty years ago, but were not observed until the Parker Solar Probe saw that the coronal ejection acts like a vacuum cleaner, removing the dust from its orbit."
The Osiris-Rex probe returns to Earth small samples of the asteroid Beno, a "real small world" for analysis
Musk found himself trying to please both Ukraine and Russia while trying to prevent escalation. His refusal to provide satellite coverage of a Ukrainian attack on Crimea exposed his dilemma. But Starlink's importance in the war did not diminish
The vehicle discovered a wide variety of heavy elements, but this is the first evidence of the presence of sulfur * The rover will tour the south pole of the moon for two weeks and look for signs of water ice
The spacecraft, designed to test whether the moon could support a permanent base for humans, crashed after entering an unexpected orbit, the Russian space corporation Roscosmos reported
A human error in the commands sent to her caused her antenna to tilt at an angle of two degrees from the Earth. The radio antenna engineers of the deep space network in Australia will try to contact her
Using the high-altitude research plane WB-57, in one of the projects they will photograph the eclipse from a height of 15 km from the ground. The team hopes that taking the pictures above most of the atmosphere of the country will make it possible to see new details of structures in the middle and lower corona
NASA has decided to keep Voyager 2's scientific instruments on for a few more years, allowing for more discoveries from interstellar space.
Airbus offers a "multi-purpose route module" known as the Airbus LOOP. The station includes three decks - and for the first time in the journeys of the human race outside the atmosphere and gravity of the Earth - also a centrifuge that will create gravity for the crew members but only in a small part of the module Airbus offers a "multipurpose orbit module" known as Airbus LOOP. The station includes three decks - and for the first time in the journeys of the human race outside the atmosphere and gravity of the Earth - also a centrifuge that will create gravity for the crew members but only in a small part of the module
using the same main engines and solid rocket booster technology that powered the space shuttle. The space agency has made many improvements, and learned the hard-earned lessons from past disasters. SLS and Orion represent evolution, not revolution. However, there will be nothing routine about this flight.
Apparently the thrust of the first stage was not strong enough and the spacecraft was not able to separate from it. This is still an unmanned test flight and it seems that now the manned tests will move away * This is the fourth prototype to crash on launch
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