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Alexander Wahlberg, doctor of physical chemistry, returned to Israel after years of studying and working in the United States and worked at Kirya for nuclear research. He also insisted on continuing to serve in the reserves, as a patrol officer, and his fall in the Yom Kippur War ended a promising scientific career
Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE Lab joins Kornit Vision, a groundbreaking Israeli startup, to its open innovation lab. Kornit Vision develops, among other things, an artificial corneal implant, which allows patients who have gone blind as a result of corneal diseases and injuries to realize their full vision potential, without the need for a corneal donation
The number of wins by male and female Hebrew researchers places the university in first place among universities in Israel in terms of success rate among applications, with an increase of 5.5% compared to last year and it has the highest number of winners
Dr. Shahar Alon from the Faculty of Engineering won a grant in the amount of 2 million euros for his research in the field of the interaction between immune cells and cancer cells, and Dr. Assaf Ben Moshe from the Department of Chemistry won a grant in the amount of 1.5 million euros for his research on chirality
Dr. Ariel Friedman, develops solutions in the field of electrochemistry that will lead to green and cheap energy
The project is an important step towards proving the ability to grow plants on the moon in order to produce healthy food for astronauts who will land on it in the future. Finding new ways to maximize sustainable food production on Earth also keeps the research team busy.
Annette Landes Nagar is an archaeologist-digger and Bar Ilan President Fellow, whose research has yielded important discoveries in the Jerusalem area
Two British companies have raised funds from investors to develop satellites for the production of drugs and chips in space. CEO of Space Pharma Yossi Yamin: This shows that we are not the only crazy people and that even the capital market recognizes the manufacturing market in space
In the archaeological excavation project that took place, for the second year in Tel Tabna, findings were discovered that indicate, among other things, the use of the area as an administrative regional center in the Roman period.  
The prestigious prize will be awarded to the developers of the corona vaccine Professors Katelyn Crico, Drew Weissman and Peter Callis and to Prof. Helen Quinn for solving one of the greatest mysteries in physics
Dr. Reot Tsbag, a graduate of the psychology department at Bar Ilan researches the relationship between social anxiety and depression as part of a post-doctorate at Yale University in the USA
About the program - scientific and technological reserve - in the schools, and about its effect on the future of the students
Chairman of AIMS Overseas, Tomer Savchinsky, for the position of head of the division of Israeli medical students abroad Next week there will be a meeting where the effects of the legislation will be presented
Forty male and female researchers, the entire staff of the Multidisciplinary Center for Hebrew Brain Research express fear of limitations that will be imposed on freedom of thought and the politicization of higher education, which will result in limitations on research that may upset the government and deteriorate the quality of research as in Hungary
Prof. Omri Koren from the Faculty of Medicine won an ERC grant for his research dealing with the development of a post-biotic supplement to protect mothers and newborns
In the letter, they state that both the members of the Molomaf Council and the presidents of the universities are witnesses to the departure of researchers from Israel, to the unwillingness to return to Israel and to a real damage to relations with the scientific elite in the world, including the cessation of donations and academic boycotts
The satellite began its mission in space and transmitted first data to the ground station. The DS-SAR radar observation satellite will be used for government and commercial purposes; by the Singapore government and a private company
This is according to a survey published by the Start-up Nation Central association. Avi Hasson, CEO of Start-up Nation Central: "Companies and investors are taking active steps to move operations away from Israel and this behavior has increased significantly in the last three months. Worrying trends such as registering a company abroad or launching new start-ups outside of Israel will be difficult to reverse
The event is a collaboration between Bar-Ilan University and the association of managers of scientific infrastructure units in Israel, a national initiative supported by the Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Science and Technology, which aims to maximize the potential of research infrastructures in Israel, foster collaborations and benefit the scientific community as a whole
The committee of heads of universities published a special announcement this morning following the cancellation of the reason for reasonableness in the Knesset and the fear of the inability of the judicial system to assist in such cases. The universities will assist any faculty member who joins the protest. "And the educated at that time - no - will die"
The Senate also warned of a negative impact that could be caused by the legislation and the manner in which it was received on continued cooperation with researchers from abroad and on the winning of international research grants by Israeli researchers, and harm to the position of Israeli scientists in the international science community
The Authority invites companies and organizations to submit funding applications for the establishment of an R&D service infrastructure for biodevices and biochips
"The constitutional coup that the government of Israel is dragging the country into will be a disaster for the academy as well! We call on the legislators in the Knesset - do not reach out to damage the democratic foundations of the State of Israel! Stop before it is too late! You must create a broad consensus on essential questions about the nature of the regime in Israel!
The declaration is jointly signed by the Max Planck Society, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Helmholtz Society and the German Council for Sciences and Humanities
One of the problems is that offsetting carbon to the Rav fails to offset emissions empirically, and its effectiveness is questionable. In addition, when calculating emissions, emissions caused by ancillary activities are sometimes ignored
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