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As rector of the university, Prof. Elroy outlined the commitment to environmental and social sustainability as the university's academic vision and led the activities for which the university was ranked first among Israeli research universities in the sustainability index of Times Higher Education
Dr. Uzi Rubin from the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Bar-Ilan, explains how the threat to the State of Israel was born from Yemen
Many of the students at Bar-Ilan University were drafted into reserve service in the "Iron Swords" war. Some of them, studying in the Faculty of Humanities, recalled the historical heroes who inspired them, and helped them in dealing with the complex challenges
The Seven expressed their concern over the hesitant responses of the institutions' leadership to condemn the calls for genocide
Gay and her colleagues from MIT and the University of Pennsylvania testified about a month ago before the Congressional Education Committee and gave hesitant answers to the question of whether they are aware that the demonstrations in which there is a demand for an intifada are a call for the elimination of the State of Israel and Jews everywhere. Since the beginning of the war against Hamas, Israeli and Jewish students have been afraid of vulnerability
The grant is intended to prove the programming and promote the translation of academic research into application and commercialization, including the establishment of the start-up company
The project developed by students and graduates of Bar-Ilan University analyzes anti-Israeli propaganda films and creates a response video to them on social networks
The medal was awarded to Prof. Heblin from the Department of Physics by the Royal Academy of Science of the Netherlands for groundbreaking research in the fields of physics and networks
"My 45-year-old pride in the doctorate I received from the Institute of Technology - these days is being replaced by great shame" * These words were said at the ceremony of welcoming eight new members to the Israel National Academy of Sciences held every year during the Hanukkah holiday
The announcement of her election will take place at the Academy's annual conference to be held in June 2024 in North Carolina
Expression of opinion of the heads of the research universities in Israel regarding the statements of university presidents in the United States in Congress * The document was written before Penn State President Liz Magill announced her resignation
Magill testified along with two other presidents, Claudine Gay of Harvard and Sally Konerbluth of MIT, at a hearing held last week at the Congressional Education Committee in Washington. The three answered the committee members' question whether calling to destroy Israel is anti-Semitism: "It depends on the context"
This is what the Board of Heads of the Research Universities (RA) announced this morning: "For the past few weeks, we have been working on detailed outlines for returning to studies, in which a diverse basket of adjustments will be used alongside finding individual solutions for all those who will still serve in the reserves."
This is evident from the statement of opinion of the heads of the research universities in Israel regarding the statements of the presidents of universities in the United States in Congress where they claimed that freedom of expression prevails over the content
Stress and anxiety can worsen health conditions, including diabetes. Awareness and preparation reduce risks
Dr. Tal Tobi from the Department of General History at Bar-Ilan University describes the capabilities of American aircraft carriers, and reviews the historical events in which the US deployed aircraft carriers in crisis areas
This announcement does not include the Weizmann Institute and the Open University, and exceptional cases will be allowed, such as the medical students in the clinical phase, whose presence in the hospitals is more important than ever
Meet Prof. Aner Govrin from the program for interpretation and culture, who is the head of the program for interpretation and psychoanalysis
Collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Psychology and the School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University resulted in the project - "Strength Center for Bears" - to reduce stress and anxiety and increase personal resilience among children
The enemy uses 'fake news' spread on social networks to create deterrence and fear and dissolve our sense of resilience and security
The Israel National Academy of Sciences, the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and the National Science Foundation in a joint appeal to the heads of the academic and scientific community around the world and requests that they call for the immediate release of the abductees, prevent incitement and preserve the safety of Israeli and Jewish students and faculty * At the same time, an appeal was also made to the United Nations by Hundreds of researchers from Israel and the world
Each of the more than 1,400 murdered in the war that began on 7/10/2023 with the invasion of Hamas militants into the Otaf settlements has their own story, Dr. Marcel Freilich-Caplon from the Weizmann Institute is one of them but it turns out that she was primarily concerned for the safety of her colleagues who were attacked by missiles at the same time
The opening of the 3.12.2023 academic year will be postponed in view of the war situation and the high percentage of conscripts into the reserves among the male and female students and the faculty; The semester will open in all research universities with the beginning of the release process of those recruited into the reserves, but not before December XNUMX, XNUMX
The committee of heads of universities sent a letter to its colleagues in the world to act against anti-Semitism during the war (document inside)
Professor Zvi Piren, the holder of the Schwartzman Chair at the Rakah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University and Professor Amir Levinson from Tel Aviv University will take part in a research group of the prestigious Simmons Foundation as part of an international cooperation in mathematics and physical sciences for the study of neutron stars and black holes
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