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Prof. Asia Rolls from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and Professors Oded Beja and Benny Podbilevitz from the Faculty of Biology were elected as new members of EMBO, the European Organization for Molecular Biology. Their joining the organization will be celebrated at the EMBO event that will be held in Heidelberg and begin
The researchers of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technion developed an algorithm for discovering new formulas and new relationships between mathematical constants
"In their training process, models also learn a lot of factual knowledge about the world. For example, models learn the identities of prime ministers, presidents and even actors who played popular characters in TV series. Such models stop
Researchers grow inorganic materials inside polymers and thus create nanomaterials and nanostructures with improved properties
A new Israeli study examined how different methods of agriculture affect the environment and the landscape versus the benefits for the farmer. The findings show that there is a method that makes it possible to both generate economic profit and preserve nature
The researchers of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion show in their article in Nature how the immune system has developed a "developmental space" that allows it to quickly adapt to changes in the environment
Prof. Ada Yonat from the Weizmann Institute of Science, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, received an honorary doctorate "in recognition of her pioneering contribution to the research of the ribosome - the universal complex for translating genetic information into proteins
The Wolf Foundation in cooperation with the Israeli research universities selected the team of promising researchers of the Israeli Academy for 2024
The applicability of the new technology is demonstrated in the contexts of local cell transplantation, drug transport for controlled local release over time and 3D bioprinting. The mechanical properties of the scaffolds can be adjusted according to the target tissue and the rate
The intestine is a very dynamic organ that is constantly changing structurally, mechanically and chemically, and the intestinal bacteria are required to cope with this dynamism. One of the qualities that may help them in this is plasticity - the ability
Prof. Michael Glickman and Prof. Jackie Schiller from the Technion won ERC Advanced grants - prestigious grants on behalf of the European Union's Horizon Europe program given to veteran researchers with unprecedented achievements in research in a decade
On the religious and cultural factors that lead to food waste in households
The late Krukhamlov-Wexler, was supposed to start his studies this year at the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering and who was killed in battle in the Gaza Strip
Prof. Zak, a survivor of the Vilna ghetto led scientific breakthroughs and two phenomena in physics are named after him. He was a student of Prof. Natan Rosen, Albert Einstein's research partner. Prof. Zak spent the
Dr. Kathryn Vandorna from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion has developed a new method that allows the monitoring of the formation of immune blood cells in the bone marrow. For this purpose, she used tiny magnetic particles of iron oxide, which
Technion researchers are partners in the HERA space mission: first attempt in history to divert an asteroid from its orbit
The first study program of its kind from the Technion Continuing Studies is designed to train professional and skilled personnel for the industry dealing with computing and quantum technology, which is developing by leaps and bounds and is expected to change the tech worlds from end to end
The prize was awarded to Israeli scientists from Ben Gurion University, Tel Aviv and the Technion in order to promote their extraordinary research in the fields of renewable energy development and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
The technology developed by Prof. Yuval Shaked's research group was registered as a patent and is now in the process of being commercialized
Technion researchers answer this question and pave new paths for applications in communication, imaging and quantum computing
The development is a spin laser from a single atomic layer - a development by Prof. Erez Hasman from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. Elad Koren from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering.
The grant is intended to prove the programming and promote the translation of academic research into application and commercialization, including the establishment of the start-up company
The announcement of her election will take place at the Academy's annual conference to be held in June 2024 in North Carolina
"The observations will be made possible through the control we have developed over the wave nature of free electrons," explains Prof. Kaminer
An advanced algorithm makes it possible to quickly retrieve information from the memory of systems such as phones and computers and correct errors
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